Everyone deservers privacy, autonomy, and access to justice.

The Neon Law Foundation fights for your rights to privacy, autonomy, and access to justice. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated fairly with dignity and always have the option to be left alone.

Our mission

Ensure that every person on the planet has the right to their own data, the right to be forgotten, and the right to have their problems heard fairly in our justice system.

We work towards our mission by improving education around privacy with our blogs, fellowships, projects, and events. Our pedagogical advocacy is centered around empowering everyone, from students to the elderly, about why privacy matters, what other people are doing with your and your family's data, why you should fight for the privacy of others, and how to protect yourself exercising your rights.

We also build open-source software designed to improve the efficiencies of lawyers addressing the needs of their clients. We believe that the legal system is a powerful tool for change, but that it is too expensive for most people to access. By using software and its latest improvements including machine learning and large language models, we can shorten the delta between a probablistic machine-generate inferrence and certifiable legal advice from an attorney.

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12 people
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119 hours

Our values

Fighting for privacy requires a collective, trusting environment.

Be nice
Nothing can get done with rude or obnoxious people. We expect everyone we work with to be nice to each other, listen to their ideas, and celebrate building something better together.
Share everything you know
Excepting of course, client secrets. Share everything you learn about privacy, autonomy, and access to justice by writing blog posts, giving talks, or contributing elsewhere openly.
Always be learning
There are always new stories, new technologies, and new people to learn from. We invite as many angles as possible about people protecting their privacy worldwide.
Be supportive
Everyone is learning and no one is perfect. We expect everyone to be supportive of each other and help each other grow. To respect privacy means to respect people's boundaries.
Take responsibility
Ultimately, the success of any organization is incumbent on people following through on their commitments. We expect everyone to do what they say they will do with pride.
Enjoy downtime
There are many forces at work staked against people's desire to be left alone. We can't do this in one night, but if we are consistent, we will make a difference.